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Nominations and Elections For 2018-19 Metro-Atlanta Chapter Officers

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Calling all Rattlers!   The 2018  Nominations for the Metro Atlanta Alumni Chapter Officers Election will officially begin at our Monday, September 10th General Body Meeting held at the Mechanicsville Library, 400 Formwalt Street, Atlanta, GA 30312 from 6:30-7:45pm.

The floor will be open for nominations/declarations for the following positions:


President - The President shall be Chief Executive of the Chapter, chair the Executive Committee, and shall have the following duties: preside at the meeting and maintain order, appoint temporary and permanent committees unless otherwise provided in the Constitution and By-laws; appoint a Chaplain and Parliamentarian, give signature when necessary; verify that all books, reports, certificates, and Constitution and By-laws are properly maintained; lead the budgeting process of the Chapter under his/her term; chair Executive Board meetings and serve as a member on all committees; submit to the National office narrative reports of Chapter's activities and services performed when requested, but at least once annually; attend National meetings and report minutes to the general body; and shall serve as the official representative and spokesperson for all matters pertaining to the Chapter, unless otherwise delegated to another representative.

Vice-President - In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President.   Additionally, the Vice President is responsible for overseeing the planning of all approved internal and external Chapter programs, social events and other duties as assigned.

Corresponding Secretary - The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence pertaining to the Chapter which includes notifying all members of Chapter events and responding to all communications submitted to the Chapter, and if necessary, forward for action to appropriate Chapter officers.  Additionally, the Corresponding Secretary shall, in the absence of the Recording Secretary, transcribe minutes of meetings.

Recording Secretary - The Recording Secretary shall keep complete and accurate records of all meetings, present the minutes at each meeting, prepare meeting packages and distribute to members, support the Corresponding Secretary in handling incoming and outgoing correspondence, maintain an attendance record of each meeting and serve in the absence of the Corresponding Secretary.

Treasurer - The Treasurer shall have the following duties: hold an accurate and complete account of all funds for the Chapter, present a financial report at each meeting, give a complete written financial report every four (4) months to include receipts and disbursements, write the checks approved by the body, process the disbursement of funds approved by a majority of the membership present, and process the reimbursement of an individual who shows proper receipts for expenses incurred for Chapter activities; work closely with all committees, especially the Fundraising and Scholarship Committees, submit financial reports to the National Office and complete annual IRS 990 forms.

Financial Secretary - This person shall be responsible for assisting the Treasurer collecting dues and keeping a record of all dues-paying members, in the absence of the Parliamentarian, issue voting passes for each meeting to all financial members, collaborate with the Treasurer on dues and all other finances of the Chapter to ensure completeness and accuracy, submit assessments collected on behalf of the national and regional offices to those respective bodies with a list of member identities, and give the financial report in the absence of the Treasurer at general body meetings.


* All nominees for office shall be financial members. Additionally only regular members are permitted to hold the office of President.

* Each nominee not wishing to serve must decline the nomination.  All nominees declining a nomination shall be required to give a verbal or written statement of intent one (1) month prior to election.

* Election of Officers:  The officers shall be nominated two (2) months prior to their election.  Therefore they shall hold office for a term of two (2) years. 

* The President shall appoint a nominating committee from the Regular members of the association consisting of three (3) members.  The nominating committee shall develop a slate of officers consisting of the aforementioned positions. 

* Nominations of officers shall be accepted from September GBM through the October GBM. Nominations will officially close at the end of the October General Body Meeting. 

* Elections shall be conducted in November.  Nominations may be received from the floor provided the nominee meets all prerequisites.  

* Elections shall be done by secret ballot.  Voting will take place during the November meeting and voting ballot sent vial email.   

Please note:  all statements listed above come directly from our Bylaws ARTICLE SIX-Election Procedures

If you plan to run for an elected position, you may send your nominations to the nominating committee at the email address below:


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